Print Series: Otherwise April

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A year before the Covid-19 pandemic held the world on pause, I experienced a very contrasting version of the month April by visiting a close friend of mine in Israel. The lockdown gently forced me to rest and travel mindfully through all precious memories and emotions I felt through places I experienced, people I met and conversations I had a year ago.

The idea of a series consisting of four prints was born. In consequence of the lockdown I limited myself to the material I had at home, which felt both challenging and exciting.

All prints from the series Otherwise April are handstamped with cut foam and screenprint ink on natural cardboard.

I contributed my series to the QuaranZine, a digital community-organised collaboration with the goal of bringing together art during the Covid-19 pandemic. All donations went directly to Covid-19 relief funds. If you like what you see, please take a minute to support a new artist: