Klaus Voormann — A Sideman’s journey

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There are projects in my life I will be forever grateful for and »A Sideman’s journey« is one of them. Klaus Voormann is well known as a bassist and artist — and of course my record shelf holds a copy of his cover artwork for the Beatles’ Revolver album.

Klaus Voormann’s Collector’s box, limited to 10,000 copies, contains a signed art print and a hardcover book — besides the centrepiece: seven studio sessions with Voormann’s friends like Paul McCartney and Yusuf Islam recorded on CD and DVD.

The visual language builds upon his illustrations in Black and White. Special attention was paid to the details — an integrated bass strap provides a novel way to lift the contents from the box.

Concept & Design as part of the team during my time with Eat, Sleep + Design. Illustrations by Klaus Voormann.